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AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development consultancy dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and their organizations.​​

In today’s talent-focused business world, it is vital that leaders possess the ability to develop and inspire their teams. From first-time managers to executives at the highest level, understanding how to coach is an essential management skill for organizational success.

Who is using the CMI?

We created the CMI to provide an intuitive and personally meaningful coaching framework for:


  • organizational leaders

  • people managers

  • internal coaching practitioners

  • anyone looking to enhance their coaching capacity


Through a combination of self-awareness, practical strategies, and sound philosophy, the CMI accelerates the development of a coaching mindset in coaches of all kinds.

Coaching is a powerful skill-set,

but it doesn’t always come naturally

Leaders today are increasingly asked to coach, but without training, often do not have the skills, strategies, knowledge, and techniques to deliver coaching effectively.


This is not only unproductive but can also be detrimental to employee performance.

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Coaching Strategies

Each Coaching Foundation has an associate Push Strategy and Pull Strategy. These are defined below:

Coaching Styles

Every coach gravitates toward a natural style of coaching, defined by their unique blend of preferred strategies. In the CMI, we have identified four primary coaching styles.


Push and Pull

Coaching behaviors can be understood in terms of a simple dichotomy: Push behaviors and Pull behaviors.


Push strategies are consultative, using candid feedback, performance-focused goals, and the coach’s personal experience to create clarity and direction for coachees.


Pull strategies use a counseling approach, where the coach becomes a growth partner by focusing on developmental goals, asking insightful questions, and giving compassionate feedback.

3 Coaching Foundations

Throughout our research, we have identified the three primary components of every coaching interaction, which we call the Coaching Foundations.

Sharing Feedback

Setting Goals

Finding Solutions

Coaching with Versatility

Coaching is a contextual endeavor, and the effectiveness of certain behaviors may change depending on the coachee’s needs, their goals, their organizational context, your relationship with the coachee, and numerous other factors. The best coach is versatile and can adapt their approach to coaching given the context.


The CMI can open up new leadership possibilities and help your leaders become more agile coaches. 

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