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AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development consultancy dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and their organizations.​​

CMI Programs

From first-time managers to executives at the highest level, understanding how to coach is an essential management skill for organizational success.


With our individual coaching or group learning programs, you can use the power of the Coaching Mindset Index to catalyze a coaching culture.

For Groups

Build a coaching culture with CMI Navigate, our engaging leader-as-coach program.

CMI Navigate is the essential leadership development tool for organizations seeking to foster a strong coaching culture. This value-packed program empowers groups of managers at any level with the coaching skills they need to drive performance and deliver results.


This group program, which is based on the CMI model, will help leaders develop critical coaching competencies to grow, optimize, and retain top talent.

Session 1

 The group meets for a four-hour live session, facilitated by a master CMI practitioner. The session includes:

  • Understanding CMI Coaching Foundations

  • Live coaching demonstration

  • Facilitated CMI group debrief

  • Coaching practice and exercises

Peer Practice

 In between Sessions 1 & 2, participants engage in peer coaching sessions to apply their learned skills and gain an experiential understanding of coaching in the workplace.

Session 2

The group reconvenes for a second four-hour live session, facilitated by a master CMI practitioner. The session includes:

  • In-depth learning on the three Coaching Foundations

  • Flexing coaching style based on context

  • Coaching practice and advanced exercises

For Individuals

Give your leaders an individualized development experience to target their coaching abilities.

Using the foundation of the CMI or the CMI 360, one-on-one coaching provides highly personalized learning experiences to leaders at any level who want to grow their coaching skills. 


Leaders will be given the CMI assessment of their choice and work with an expert AIIR Consulting executive coach and CMI practitioner to understand their results in context. Paired with action planning and optional follow-up coaching session, your leaders will establish the foundation for successful coaching. 

Want to see how the CMI can work in your organization?