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Leaders need coaching skills.

Coaching is more critical than ever as a leadership competency, but the practice of coaching presents many challenges and is difficult to learn. Accelerate learning and increase the impact of your next coaching program with the best coaching style assessment available.

Looking to scale coaching? We can help.

Change is hard. Like any change management effort, building a coaching culture is no small feat - it requires coordinated efforts at every level. That's why we've taken the time to put together a collection of key insights for modern HR leaders looking to scale coaching in their organizations.

The Case for Coaching

Still deciding whether you and your organization should invest in coach training? 

We'll give you three great reasons your leaders should start developing a coaching mindset right now.

Your managers struggle to inspire great performance.

Just 21% of employees in organizations feel they are managed in a way that motivates them.

Gallup, 2017

You are moving to a continuous performance management system

1/3 of US companies have eliminated annual performance reviews in favor of continuous feedback conversations.


HBR, 2016

Your organization wants to build a

coaching culture.

46% of organizations with strong coaching cultures financially out-perform competitors compared with 39% of other organizations.

HCI & ICF, 2017

A Targeted Coaching Assessment

Coach training experiences make a splash, but how do you make sure the behaviors stick?

The Coaching Mindset Index (CMI) is a targeted assessment that captures a leader's unique approach to coaching.

By providing practical and intuitive insights for development, leaders can use the CMI to translate self-awareness about their coaching style into actionable strategies for improvement. 

The CMI is the ideal tool for organizations seeking lasting and transformative coach training experiences.

Workshop Ready

CMI Navigate group workshops provide an interactive and engaging way for leaders to build their coaching skills.


CMI Navigate is a group workshop based on the CMI model. Participants learn about their CMI assessment reports as a basis from which to discuss and learn new coaching skills. 

Participants are introduced to a range of strategies and techniques that they can leverage to coach effectively. The group workshops feature an assessment debrief, skills training, action planning, and peer supervision.

Get Certified in CMI

Looking to incorporate the CMI into your practice?


Our high-impact, three-hour virtual certification programs are ideal for independent practitioners, internal coaches, and HR professionals interested in administering the CMI. One-to-one certification sessions are also available.